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10 Weird Shit That’s Perfectly Normal in the Netherlands


We may hail from different corners of the globe, each with its own bizarre customs and traditions, but there’s nothing like bonding over this quaint little country called the Netherlands and its oddball inhabitants on our way to getting over that inevitable culture shock. Here are 10 of those very Dutch things to get you started.

#1 – You can buy fast food off a wall

Photo credit: Ernie Colaço

Fancy a burger after a night out but too drunk to string a sentence together at the counter? Not a problem. Dutchies have completely eliminated the need for servers to engage in tedious conversation with incoherent, beer-soaked late night customers. You want fast food? How’s a coin-operated vending machine for speedy food service? 

FEBO and Smullers are two local fast-food chains where you can find vending machines displaying freshly fried rows of snacks on the wall. Typically offered are classic Dutch snacks like krokets, frikandels, kaassoufflés, chicken nuggets, wings and burgers. Once you have successfully stumbled into a snackbar with an ‘automatiek’, fixate your eyes on your greasy snack of choice, then insert coins, flip the glass door open and it’s chow time, baby!

#2 – Watch where you go window shopping

This innocuous activity takes on a different meaning once you wander into the alleyways within our designated red light districts. There, you are bound to come by large glass windows illuminated by red lamps. What may initially appear as scantily clad shop mannequins behind these windows are in fact sex workers hustling for customers as they go about the oldest profession in the world. Although window prostitution have since spread to neighbouring countries such as Belgium and Germany, it originated right here in Amsterdam’s De Wallen, home to the world’s largest and most famous red light district. 

This manner of hustling may soon become a thing of the past though. Window brothels in the Dutch capital have been dwindling through the years – over-tourism, gentrification and human-trafficking concerns have led to a string of window closures of late. This year, the mayor of Amsterdam has even floated the idea of putting an end to window prostitution entirely.

#3 – Dutch coffeeshops aren’t famous for their coffee

If you enter a local coffeeshop expecting to be greeted by the aroma of a freshly brewed cuppa, you’d be in for a surprise. In its place, the whiff of something much greener is more likely to emanate from the smoke-filled interiors. Spot a baby face and chances are you’d even be asked to whip out your ID to prove you’re above 18. And nope. Absolutely no alcohol is served on the premises. Confuddled yet? That’s because you’re looking at a licensed cannabis establishment carrying more weed strains than coffee varieties on the menu. And if you think ‘coffee’ for a place you can buy soft drugs is the only misleading thing about it, read on.

Coffeeshops inhabit a paradoxical grey area in Dutch law. Despite the cannabis culture here, marijuana is actually illegal in the Netherlands and simply tolerated. There’s a hazy drug tolerance policy called gedoogbeleid that allows law enforcement to turn a blind eye to the sale and consumption of marijuana if it falls under certain stringent guidelines. And get this. Coffeeshops may be allowed to sell marijuana, but they aren’t allowed to source it or grow the high volume needed for sale. How then does the weed magically end up on the shop menu? Go figure.

Despite its popularity with tourists ( an estimated 25-30% visitors to Amsterdam spend time in a coffeeshop ), weed smoking, like prostitution, is increasingly being seen as a vice that the city would rather dissociate from. In the last two decades, half of all coffeeshops in Amsterdam have closed as a result of the city’s ‘clean-up’ efforts. In the meantime, the ones still standing will have to continue dancing along the tightrope of an ever-stiffening tolerance policy. 

#4 – Chocolate sprinkles for breakfast, anyone?

Photo credit:

The Netherlands is officially the fifth happiest country in the world. Experts attribute that to a range of factors, but we happen to think their secret is closer to the expression ‘You are what you eat’ 😉 In every Dutch kitchen lies a cabinet staple – a box of chocolate sprinkles aptly named hagelslag (translation: hailstorm). Rather than using them sparingly as toppings on cupcakes and ice-cream like the rest of the Western world, Dutchies load copious amounts of these endorphins-generating stuff onto the entire surface area of a buttered slice and call it breakfast. 

The Dutch take their hagelslag seriously. Fourteen million kilos are consumed every year. Walk into any Dutch supermarket and you’ll find the hagelslag section giving the cereal section a run for its money. With dozens of varieties on offer, why not sprinkle on some of that Dutch breakfast magic tomorrow morning and see if that doesn’t add some spring to your step too!

#5 – Grab it by the tail and dangle it over your wide-open mouth

Visitors during Vlaggetjesdag, the traditional start of the herring season in Scheveningen 
Photo credit: ANP REMKO DE WAAL
Visitors during Vlaggetjesdag, the traditional start of the herring season in Scheveningen
Photo credit: ANP REMKO DE WAAL

It’s not quite good enough for the Dutchies if you’ve finally worked up the courage to try haring – a fishy and slimy cured Dutch delicacy sprinkled with raw onions. To pass their high raw herring-eating standards, you’d have to consume it the ‘proper’ way too. Proper way doesn’t entail chopping the herring into bite-sized pieces and serving them neatly on a platter like civilized people do, but is much more akin to holding a dead mouse by the tail and dangling it like a carrot in front of your pet cat. Yummy!

#6 – If it fits on the bike, it goes with the bike

Posted by Laughingatpotatoes Amsterdam on Monday, 15 April 2019

You may have noticed that Dutchies aka bicycle stuntmen have the ability to bike with almost everything imaginable, as long as the object remotely fits on the bike. They would go to great lengths to avoid having to use a car. Cyclist carrying friends, kids or pets, even furniture… cyclist carrying a friend carrying a pet, cyclist riding with two bikes, cyclist carrying a friend carrying another bike…the scenarios are endless. Enjoy the following compilations on our Facebook group of Dutchies with things on bikes.

Dutchies with Things on Bikes Compilation #1

Dutchies with Things on Bikes Compilation #2

#7 – These Dutch fishermen hunt for some very special prey

In a city with more bicycles than people, surrounded by canals in excess of 100 kilometres, plenty of windy conditions, drunks and pranksters prowling the streets at night, Amsterdam’s canals inevitably end up as an open sewer and convenient graveyard for all kinds of stuff, from the typical litter, personal belongings, even people, to bikes… lots of bikes. Unfortunately, bikes in the canals isn’t just an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ issue. They take up lots of space and the jutting metal parts can pose a danger to passing boats. This is where bike Fishermen come in. They are employed by the city to keep the canals clean by fishing for bikes. Each year, the fishermen hauls up an impressive 12,000 to 15,000 bikes from the canal. That’s some serious harvest, eh!

#8 – The Dutch art of swearing with vile diseases

How to swear in Dutch?

Do you know any Dutch swear words?

Posted by Learn Dutch on Sunday, 11 August 2019

If you cross an angry Dutch cyclist on the road and thought you heard something shouted back at you that sounds like a Dutch term for a disease, you heard that right. More than any other country, the Netherlands has got a love affair with diseases, especially when it comes to using them in their swear words. 

Kanker ( Cancer ) is a favourite. It’s also the most versatile, almost comparable to the English ‘fuck’. Pair kanker with any insult to boost its offensiveness ( kankerlul = cancerous dick, kankerhoer = cancerous whore ) or pair it with a nice word for a positive meaning ( kankerlekker = super delicious OR awesome ).

You’ll often hear the word -lijer ( slang for sufferer ) added to different diseases in Dutch swear words, such as pokke(n)lijer ( smallpox sufferer ), teringlijer ( Tuberculosis sufferer ),  tyfuslijer ( typhoid fever sufferer ), klerelijer ( cholera sufferer ).

Other notable mentions: takkewijf ( bitch with stroke ), pleur op ( tuberculosis off = fuck off ), Krijg de syfilis ( Get syphilis ), sukkel ( someone limp / suggesting erectile dysfunction = sucker ), heb je soms polio? ( do you have polio or something? )

For a more comprehensive list with English explanations, refer to this Wikipedia article.

#9 – Congratulations! It’s your Dutch pal’s birthday!


So, you’ve successfully made a Dutch friend or two and received an invitation to their birthday party. You enter the party to a room full of your Dutch pal’s friends and family sitting around in a huge circle ( now… that’s a story for another day ). You proceed to introduce yourself to each unfamiliar Dutch person.

“Gefeliciteerd!” ( congratulations ) the first one greets you as they proceed to plant three kisses on your cheek. Puzzled, you return the kisses with a sheepish smile and move on to the next person. 

“Gefeliciteerd!” The next person greets you in exactly the same manner as the last.

“Well, it ain’t my birthday,” you think to yourself and shrug. By the time you’ve made your rounds and lost count of the number of ‘Gefeliciteerd’s exchanged, you’d have learnt that it’s customary for Dutchies to congratulate every guest on their friend’s birthday.

#10 – Zwarte Piet

Photo credit: Marco Keyzer Photography –

If you have been brought up in a country where race is an extremely sensitive and hotly contended issue, you’d be in for a rude shock come mid-November when the traditional Sinterklaas festivities begin. During this time, there’ll be regular sightings of a Santa-lookalike figure on horseback called Sinterklaas. Tagging along are his popular helpers, individually called Zwarte Piet ( Black Pete ). In contrast to the stern-looking Sinterklaas, the cheeky Piets are generally adored by Dutch kids, as the animated helpers often come bearing Dutch candy and treats, scattering these all around along the way. What could be wrong with this fun-filled scenario, one wonders?

Just one thing. The Zwarte Piet characters are almost always played by Caucasians who have their face painted jet black and wearing thick red lipstick and curly wigs. You could say it bears a strong resemblance to the Golliwog doll. Many foreigners laying eyes on Zwarte Piet for the first time are unable to look past the portrayal of a racist black caricature and until recently, most of the Dutch were unfazed by the character and saw it as a fun, harmless tradition. 

In recent years, Zwarte Piet has caught global attention, becoming a polarizing figure at the centre of a controversy dividing the country; the anti-Piets denouncing the character as racist, and the pro-Piets ( which unfortunately also included white supremacists ) upset that meddling outsiders who don’t understand Dutch culture are threatening to take away an innocent Dutch tradition.

Whatever your opinion of Zwarte Piet, the character in its traditional black-faced form appears to be on its way out. In a bid to distance themselves from the negativity associated with this festive figure, several local broadcasters, schools and businesses have begun changing the appearance of Piet, removing certain physical characteristics that are considered black stereotypes.

Love or hate these 10 things about the weird and wonderful Dutch? Let us know in the comments!

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It is a great deal of work, but plenty of fun. Obviously the language will take some moment. A great deal of bio majors believe that they may go to medical school someday but end up deterred by the price tag, difficulty and length of study.

The forest area is truly important ecologically, Glander essay4me explained. A new industry in the USA is growing, yet only a little part of the population is acquainted with it. There is an increasing issue that’s affecting marine animals with the growth of the sea temperature and fish are simply one of several marine species being affected.

Your biology course won’t make your code prettier, but nevertheless, it provides you with the chance to enlarge your horizons. The kind of examination is determined by the student’s examination committee. You’ve finally figured out your objective.

Therein lies the issue. There were many facts which were mentioned and viewpoints from various men and women. The program also may attract individuals planning to go into the area of environmental law.

All 300-level biology courses could be applied to fulfill the demands of the biology major. All 200-level biology courses could be applied to satisfy the demands of the biology major. If a student fails the very first exam, a 2nd comprehensive exam has to be taken no sooner than 30 days after the very first exam.

A number of these programs fulfill requirements in the numerous biology majors at UCSB. Many neighborhoods, families, and communities are affected on account of the pricey economy. Prempeh and Scamperle are two of several female students that were affected by a deficiency of gender equity in STEM courses.

Biology Major Can Be Fun for Everyone

It’s usually sensible to bring a computer-based course in statistics. The outcome of the inventory came back. See the health technology major sheet for more details.

Applicants can decide to select the GRE general test in time to fulfill the December application deadline, no matter how the GRE general test isn’t required when applying. Three credits of independent research has to be completed in 1 term to fulfill a laboratory requirement. These courses are needed for the Biology major, no matter how the hours earned are not included in the amount of hours necessary for the major itself.

Classification Essay

Biology Major Secrets

Some people today believe the organization is simply a hub for students to really make a difference, but it’s also so a lot more than that. The key issue is to take advantage of all of the diverse classes your college has to offer you. Students who will really make a difference in the realm of tomorrow.

The Tried and True Method for Biology Major in Step by Step Detail

More info about Dr. Spellman’s presentation is going to be posted soon. When it might not have become the normal happily-ever-after story, it became a story of locating advantages in disadvantages. If you’re arranging a biology study abroad adventure, you’re in the correct place!

Science isn’t the only subject that’s important to today’s society. Space studies advanced our comprehension of physics particularly. Not just that, yet this guide is extremely clear and very thorough.

Whatever They Told You About Biology Major Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

A Spiritual Suntan happens exactly the same way. If you don’t understand what your learning style is, consider looking for an on-line test that may provide that answer for you. Writing with empathy begins with the assumption which you’re speaking to a stranger.

People were attempting to kill us. So when folks ask me what I wish to do with the remainder of my life when I’m 21 years old, I don’t understand what things to inform them. Anything that someone needs on campus are available there.

If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Biology Major

Designers who understand data is going to be the designers who make the larger impact by using their work. In order to see that role, you have to comprehend what an ecosystem is. You are going to have the chance to work closely with sophisticated scientific technology and chemistry tools that will make it possible for you to do your job to the best of your ability.

Career opportunities in the biological sciences since they apply to global wellness and disease are anticipated to grow in the next several years. You are someone of terrific influence. As time continues, it would be great to observe the global student population rise.

It was a fairly straightforward project. Anecdotally, even people without a developer experience could land decent developer jobs. My heritage is significant to me, she explained.

Learning the syntax of languages will merely take you thus far. Let’s check different versions. The biology program prepares students for a variety of career choices.

Life After Biology Major

So unleash your creative side if you need to succeed in the modules. You are able to utilize Quizlet to earn study sets. The whole introductory biology sequence needs to be taken the initial and second calendar year, concurrently with or observing the overall chemistry sequence.

To me, what you have to do is follow his cut up method and after that read what you’ve left over. The harmonic aim of a bridge is to present some contrast to the prior portions of the song. Civil engineering is simply among the oldest kinds of engineering and it deals with everything which should be constructed.

10 Amazing Facts About Amsterdam – The Bicycle Friendly City


Did you know that Amsterdam was founded on 27th October 1275, making it one of the oldest cities in Europe? Yet we hardly hear about it when we think of European history.

The city might not be famous back then but today, the Dutch capital is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe.

With the city’s characteristic, impeccably kept architecture and elegant floral bridges crossing houseboat-laden canals, Amsterdam has achieved the title of one of the most incredible cities in Europe.

Let’s dig deep into this city and find out what interesting facts it is hiding.

Fact #1 – The city is sinking

Amsterdam and its surroundings are built on water. You may notice in images that some buildings are a bit lop-sided. The reason behind this is the swampy soil present below.

To create buildings in the city, long poles are required for support to prevent the structure from sinking. In medieval times, wooden poles were used but modern-day buildings are now constructed using concrete or steel piles.

Fact #2 – Multicultural city

A fun fact for you – Amsterdam has the highest number of nationalities out of any city in the world.

You can ride a minute down the road on your bicycle, grab a Thai curry, eat it while you are waiting for your turn in a Turkish saloon and then head with your peers to grab a beer served by an Aussie.

Fact #3 – Multiple languages in one place

Because of its multicultural makeup, over 85% of residents can speak at least three languages, the common combination being Dutch, English and German.

So if you think language will be an issue when visiting Amsterdam, think again.

Fact #4 – Big, big and big people

Speaking from a general point of view, Dutch people are ginormous. In fact, they can be considered one of the tallest people in the world.

The average height of Dutch men is around 184 cm (6 ft.) while women tower around 170 cm ( 5.5 ft.).

How do your countrymen fair in comparison?

Fact #5 – Bikes, Bikes and Bikes everywhere

As the title says Bicycle Friendly City, the sight of two-wheelers on the road is something you definitely can’t miss. Over 60% of trips are made by bikes in the inner city. It may sound like chaos but it is a chaos that’s fun, healthy and most importantly, environmental friendly.

Another fun fact for you – There are over 813,562 people living within the city limits of Amsterdam. However, it is estimated that there are 1,000,000 bicycles out there. So do the math!

Fact #6 – Amsterdam says no to smoking but there is a catch…

Tobacco smoking is illegal in cafes and restaurants. It was banned in the year 2008 but you can still smoke WEED in coffee shops.

So in simple terms, it is okay to smoke a joint but if you are caught smoking tobacco, not good for you at all.

Fact #7 – We are LGBT friendly

The first capital city in the world to allow same-sex marriage is the one-and-only yours truly Amsterdam.

Same-sex marriage was legalized in the Netherlands on 1 April 2001 and within 10 years… 15,000 same-sex couples married legally.

Fact #8 – Safety-first city

Amsterdam ranks 25th among the safest cities in the world, that is even with all the marijuana smoking and prostitution going on here!

That’s not to say that Amsterdam is completely crime free but crimes on the street are very rare. You won’t feel scared walking on the streets even at night.

Fact #9 – Indie Cinemas

Amsterdam is home to the world’s smallest movie cinema called CINEMA41 – a pop-up movie theatre with only 1 seat. You can watch a movie at just 3 euros INCLUDING POPCORN. Great spot for a solo movie night.

Fact #10 – There’s coffee everywhere

Tiny in size yet it’s the city boasting the second highest coffee consumption in the world, at around 3.2 cups of coffee per person per day.

Whether it is early morning or late at night, a coffee place will always be open near you to keep you fresh and alert.

Ending this article with 10 facts only because it’s never wise to give everything away all at once. Some things you just need to explore by yourself. Hopefully this article will provide you with some inspiration in getting know the beautiful and charismatic city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Comic Con 2019 (Jurassic Park theme)


Saturday and Sunday, August 31 – Sep 1

A cosplayer’s paradise,  the Amsterdam Comic Con features favourite stars from TV, Film, and Comics as well as a whole host of fun activities including photo shoots, panels, autograph sessions and hundreds of stalls full of TV and film memorabilia to browse etc.

Event details:

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